Lightware at Infocomm 2022

Year after year, Lightware brings the most innovative AV signal management solutions to Infocomm's audience. This year is no different, as our engineers have prepared a great range of new developments and technologies that will be on display during the show.

Where to Find Us?


Las Vegas, Convention Center


8-10 June 2022

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Taurus UCX - The Connectivity Powerhouse

Taurus UCX is a universal matrix switcher designed to tackle the common challenges of meeting rooms and collaboration environments. This connectivity platform utilizes USB-C technology and allows users to share their content, switch hosts and control their meeting room easily and intuitively, directly from their own laptop.

  • One-box Solution - BYOD capabilities for laptops to utilize in-room USB peripherals
  • Flexibility of Choice in Video Conferencing – Zoom, MS Teams, Webex
  • Ease of Use – Intuitive and user-friendly interface

With one single cable, users can share their work and send video, audio, control and Ethernet signals as well as charge their own laptop while connected to the Taurus UCX to avoid interruptions for imprtant meetings and presentations.

Meet Lara


During Infocomm 2022, we will introduce LARA (Lightware Advanced Room Automation) that is our future-proof room automation platform created for AV integrators as well as for meeting room participants to help them simplify their everyday interaction with AV technology.

  • User-friendly, easily-parametrizable software solution
  • Modules that eliminate the need of complex programming skills
  • Possibility for experienced programmers to write their own modules

LARA will run on Taurus and will be easily configurable through a web browser while meeting room users can easily access their room’s control via a single touch panel. Make sure you stop by at our booth during Infocomm to see LARA's pre-launch debut before it becomes officially available in Q3 this year.


Typical Application

  • Sharing video to the room’s display from your laptop
  • Sending audio to the USB camera’s integrated speakers
  • Getting the video/audio signals of the USB camera of the room
  • Allowing the user’s to control their laptop via the room’s keyboard and mouse
  • Demonstrating charging capabilities for the connected laptop over USB-C
  • Showing the laptop have network access over USB-C
  • Button for USB Layer Lock: No USB host switching - keeps the USB devices connected to the host during the meeting even if BYOD attached
  • Switching between the sources with autoselect or with the buttons in the Tablebox
  • Pressing the button or making signal present by autoselect at HDMI OUT1: the screen will go down and after a small delay the light will go off / reverse way after finishing the presentation

Demo Features with Mersive

  • Showcasing wireless sharing over Mersive Solstice Pod
  • Opening the Solstice application and select conference option to share laptop screen on display and have the USB camera, microphone and speaker shared wirelessly.
  • Demonstrating how the camera application works
  • Disconnect the Pod from your Solstice app running on the laptop.
  • Showing how wired sharing works over the USB-C (UCX)

Lightware Discovery Center

Lightware is opening a state-of-the-art training and education venue in Las Vegas, offering comprehensive sessions for AV professionals with the opportunity to experiment and interact with a variety of Lightware devices, learning how to set up systems that demonstrate the simplicity, flexibility, and performance of the company’s most popular AV solutions.

You can learn more about these insightful 2-day sessions during your visit at our booth at Infocomm 2022, or you can also register right away through our booking form below.

Discovery Center